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Being Organic Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The size and profitability of the fast fashion industry is increasing rapidly for over 20 years now. However, while the industry is offering variety and affordability for consumers, it

is also raising many concerns on the topics of sustainability, health, and human rights. We have already covered the sustainability aspect of the fashion industry and Konsey Textile’s

stands on it in our previous article. This article will focus on the massive consumer shift towards organic textile to tackle multiple concerns created by the industry.

First, let us define what organic textile is. In a nutshell, organic textile is a clothing

production process that uses only certified organic materials throughout the production cycle.

This process includes using organically produced and certified fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool, in addition to production processes that hold separate certificates. Therefore, organic clothing manufacturing must go through strictly controlled processes to qualify as organic textile.

The main consumer reason to shift towards organic textile is health concerns created by

the fast fashion industry. Yet, shifting towards organic clothing not only decreases health

concerns but also offers better labour rights and more sustainable production. To illustrate, let us look at some of the reasons to choose organic textile

  • The fast fashion industry uses heavy and toxic chemicals to soften and whiten fabrics.Therefore, the chemicals used in the industry have the potential to cause allergies and further health concerns for consumers. However, organic textile offers non-chemical, safe and sustainably sourced clothes for consumers and tackles the health concerns around the fashion industry.

  • Organic textile is a sustainable production process and does not harm the environment.

  •  Organic textile prevents textile workers from hazardous environments and being

  • exposed to toxic chemicals.

  • Producing organic textile by using ecological farming prevents child labour due to strictly controlled farming processes.

  • Organic textile offers alternative clothing pieces that were created with recycled materials. Therefore, it contributes to circular fashion.

  • Organic textile pieces might look more expensive compared to fast fashion pieces. However, due to their durability and longevity, organic textile pieces end up being more economical in the long run compared to fast fashion pieces.

Nevertheless, an organisation must hold certain certificates to qualify as an organic textile

manufacturer. The two of the most popular and established certificates in the industry are

GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Konsey Textile is proud to hold both certificates.

  • GOTS certificate holders must use at least 70% organic fibres in the production process in order to follow the standard. Therefore, from sourcing the material to shipping it to brands, manufacturers must ensure that the GOAT standards are followed strictly.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate ensures consumers that each material and accessory used in a piece of clothing that holds this label is tested for harmful chemicals and substances. In order to qualify under this standard and offer the label, manufacturers must pass the test and establish themselves and their products as harmless for human health.

Furthermore, the first and foremost use of organic textile is around baby clothing. Babies

and children have way more sensitive skin than we adults have. Therefore, parents must

ensure that the baby’s clothes do not contain any toxic chemicals. By using organic textile

products, and especially products that hold both GOAT and OEKO-TEX certificates, parents

can prevent health issues caused by the textile products for their children.

Yet, organic textile is not limited only to baby clothing. As mentioned earlier, the demand

for organic textile is increasing while the serious issues caused by the fast fashion industry

becoming more and more apparent. Therefore, many brands around the world shifting

towards organic textile to provide sustainable and healthy clothing options for their


As an organic clothing manufacturer from Turkey, Konsey Textile is proud to hold both

GOAT and OEKO-TEX certificates to ensure a healthier and sustainable future. It is essential

for us to understand consumer needs and changing trends. Therefore, we are proud to be not only an organic clothing supplier but also an organic fabric manufacturer working

internationally. We cover a wide range of organic clothing including baby clothes, and both

casual and formal women’s and men’s clothes. From your organic cotton fabric needs to

private label organic clothes manufacturing needs, we are here to help you to present your

brand in the best way possible while satisfying your customers. Please do not hesitate to

contact us for more information and to see our portfolio.

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