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Equestrian Clothing

Konsey Textile is based in Izmir, Turkey and has been manufacturing various types of fashion products, including equestrian wear for over 20 years. As an equestrian clothing manufacturer in Turkey, our amazing team and machinery are working for our customers non-stop to provide their dream designs while offering the best quality fabrics and materials. We are here to turn your dreams into tangible and fashionable products with our strong enthusiasm for fashion and hard work. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and trained employees who has years of experience in the industry. Our mission is simple in terms of the manufacturing process; we will provide you with the best quality products as fast as possible.


Konsey Textile also understands the value of horse riding and continuously support horse riders on their team or on their individual riding experiences. The two main areas we focus on are competition and casual equestrian wear. We understand that riders prefer comfort, nice fitting and the best quality fabric for their products. Thus, working with the best fabric producers and the best pattern machinery in Turkey, Konsey Textile produces unique casual wears for the riders by following their desing sheets.  


Moreover, following the latest trends for our horse riders is another important step for Konsey Textile. For example, the power of rose gold is an unstoppable fashion trend for equestrian wear for the last years. Combining rose gold with the right materials such as zips, buttons and patches is what most of our customers demand from us. Additionally, soft and brushed fabrics with lightweight and the right elasticity are also what most of the riders prefer. Therefore, following the latest trends, Konsey Textile is going to manufacture you with the best quality and technologically advanced equestrian wear following by your choice of design, fabric and material. 


Why should you choose Konsey Textile as an Equestrian Clothing Manufacturer?


  1. Our hard working and passionate team are ready to create your dream designs.

  2. Every phase of the production cycle is carefully controlled by trained employees and by the co-founder herself.

  3. The best fabric and material producers in Turkey are available for you with various types of choices. 

  4. Fast production as well as fast manufacturing process are our priorities. 

  5. The communication with our customers is non-stop from the beginning of the sampling process to the shipping process.

  6. We care what we produce, what we present and what you wear at the end. 

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