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Women's Clothing Manufacturer

Women’s Clothing Manufacturer Turkey

Konsey Textile is one of the leading women’s clothing manufacturer from Turkey, working for over 20 years in the industry. As one of the best women's fashion manufacturer, we produce and manufacture high-quality women’s clothing to create sustainable and fair products for the fashion industry. Our wide product portfolio includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, jackets, shorts, underwear and swimwear. 

Our mission is to be the pioneer women’s clothing manufacturer from Turkey.

We are committed to offering the best customer service in addition to top quality products for our customers. Our fabric and accessories suppliers also work hard to complement your special designs and orders. We care for our customers and continuously work hard to provide you with the best products. 

Why should you choose Konsey Textile as women's clothing manufacturer?

Konsey Textile is dedicated to work with the best and most experienced employees in the industry. We also offer exceptional customer service for our customers in order to make sure their brands are guaranteed with us. We offer fast communication not only with our experts but also with our founders to support startups and brands throughout the whole production process. 

Konsey Textile supports brands regardless of their experience in the industry.

We understand that it is hard to join the industry for small startups. Therefore, our consultation service provides them with the best care they need from beginning to end. We understand it is hard to find the best measurements or create patterns. That is why our experts are ready to create the best and suitable patterns for your design. We are also proud to work with the best machinery in order to create accurate patterns. 

How does the women's clothes sampling process work?

After deciding on the correct patterns and measurements, we start the sampling process based on your desired fabrics, prints and accessories. Our priority is to make your dreams come true. Hence, we create samples within a week, deliver them to you and wait for your approval. If the sample fits the image in your mind, we immediately start the production process according to your order quantity. On the other hand, if you want to make changes to the sample and evaluate it again, we are happy to create the sample until you approve it. Nothing is enough for us until we put a smile on your face. We care about our customer’s brand image and support them throughout the whole production process. 

What is the next step after sampling?

The production process is the most important step for Konsey Textile. It is important for us to deliver each product with exceptional quality and accurate measures. Therefore, our quality experts handpick each women’s clothing product and control their quality in order to make sure everything is on the right track. We also offer strong customer service and inform customers about the ongoing process. After both parties are happy with the quality, we start with the packaging process. Each product carefully gets ironed, packaged and gets ready to be delivered to you. We understand that fast delivery is another important step for our customers. Therefore, right after the packages ready, we inform our customers with shipment details and send the final products with great care and enthusiasm. 

women clothing manufacturer turkey
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