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Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer


Ongoing climate issues and the apparent effects of climate change have put sustainability on both the consumers’ and brands’ radars for some time. Regardless of industry, sustainable production finally became the priority after years of waste and environmental damage. Fortunately, we still have time to save our planet by shifting our consumption and production habits to sustainable alternatives. Therefore, Konsey Textile is dedicated to supporting the fashion industry and consumers from all around the world by being a proud sustainable clothing manufacturer. 

The Biggest Causes

The fast fashion industry indeed is one of the biggest causes of environmental damage. However, it does not have to be like that. The trends are finally shifting for a better and sustainable future, and many brands work hard to find sustainable textile manufacturers. As one of the leading sustainable clothing manufacturers from Turkey, we understand the hard task of finding sustainable clothing manufacturers, especially at affordable prices. Therefore, understanding the growing trends and consumer needs, Konsey Textile works hard to provide a sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturing process with affordable prices for customers from all around the world.  

Sustainable Clothing Production at Konsey Textile

We acknowledge the fact that the hotspots of fast fashion production are Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China due to cheap labour in hidden sweatshops. However, as a sustainable and ethical textile factory, we are dedicated to protecting labour rights while providing a sustainable manufacturing process for our customers. We are aware of the unfortunate fact that most sustainable apparel manufacturers work behind doors with no transparency. We cannot tell you how much this disturbs us. Therefore, we leave our doors open for any brand to visit our sustainable clothing production process, and almost every brand that works with us visits our factory in Izmir to observe our brilliant and hardworking team working on a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process. 

Konsey Textile is a Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey

When it comes to sustainable fashion, we push limits to further. Therefore, we are proud to say that Konsey Textile is not only a sustainable private label manufacturer but also a sustainable fabric manufacturer. As a proud textile manufacturer from Turkey with over 20 years of experience, we make sure that your brand is covered throughout every aspect of the production process. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our sustainable apparel manufacturing process and to visit our factory in Izmir. 

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