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Clothing Consulting Service to StartUps

Consulting Service for Mass Production

Konsey Textile is one of the leading garment manufacturer from Turkey, working for over 20 years in the industry. As one of the best apparel manufacturer, we have been giving technical consultancy service to our customers in the phase of clothing manufacturing steps.

Get a quote for our consultants who have been providing production support in the industry for more than 25 years.

Design Services

Our experienced design team can create flat designs or factory standard tech packages. We will work closely with you to turn your ideas into designs.

Patterns and Evaluation

In addition to having a library of standard patterns created and periodically updated by us to keep up with trends, we can create your custom patterns and graduated sizes. 

The custom size charts we provide will automatically grade based on the measurements you provide for a selected size. Our experienced mold maker will then create paper molds based on final measurements.


This is a crucial part of the process and allows you to test your garment's materials, fit, branding and functionality before ordering in bulk. We want you to be sure of the details before placing a bulk order.


After the sample is tested and any changes or tweaks are discussed, we create an order form as a final confirmation so we can proceed with your bulk order where each garment is carefully crafted by our experienced production team.

Product Finish

We offer full package production including neck tags, hang tags, packaging and any requested embellishments.

Quality Control

Alongside our own quality control checks, we work with an external company for additional checks with a fresh perspective to ensure our high standards are met on finished products.


We work closely with shipping agents and global couriers to ensure you get diverse options and competitive prices.

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