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Men's Clothing Manufacturer

Men's clothing manufacturer in Turkey
Konsey Textile is a men’s clothing manufacturer from Turkey,
working as one of the pioneers for over 20 years. 


From t-shirts to swimwear shorts, we cover every aspect of men wardrobe with our top quality fabrics and accessories. We support brands from all around the world as well as startups and events and organisations. 


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 


We understand our customer’s needs and provide them with the best quality of products based on their desires. Our expert employees work hard throughout all the stages, from sampling to shipping, to ensure your satisfaction. We are also proud to offer MOQ (minimum order quantity) for small startups to make sure that they are supported by Konsey Textile


Konsey Textile works with the best fabric suppliers from Turkey. 


Therefore, we offer a wide range of material, including dyed fabrics and organic cotton. We are happy to offer additional processes such as colour specification, additional treatments and extra softness for your desired fabric. We also work with the best material suppliers for zippers, buttons, patch and many more. 


Konsey Textile supports startups to achieve their dreams.


We understand it is hard for startups to join the competitive market of fashion. Thus, we are proud to offer counselling in terms of pattern development and the sampling process. Our experts are ready to listen to you and create the best patterns for your future products. On the other hand, we are happy to work with your patterns and follow every order with great enthusiasm. 


We are proud to state that our product portfolio is wide enough to cover a huge aspect of men clothing.


We produce and manufacture men’s jeans, sweatpants, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimwear, underwear and socks. In addition to daily clothing, we also work with football clubs, events and organisations to make sure that we cover every aspect of men fashion with the best quality products. 


Konsey Textile is one of the best bulk men’s clothing manufacturer in Turkey.


As one of the best bulk men’s clothing manufacturer in Turkey, our quality control assures you with exceptional products. We go through steps of quality check by our experts and also our founders for every single order. We are proud to be a successful organisation founded by two incredible and over 40 years experienced founders. Their knowledge in the industry has helped numerous brands to achieve a strong and remarkable position in the men’s clothing market. 


Konsey Textile turns your dreams into reality.



We are proud to work with exceptional brands and their cutting-edge designs. We make sure nothing is impossible in terms of creating the design in your mind. We guarantee you to provide the best quality products based on your specifications, using the top quality machinery and expert employees.


We offer consultation for your designs. 


We understand the struggles of startups during the design process. Therefore, we are happy to offer meetings with our founder to introduce you to our product portfolio and your limitless possibilities with Konsey Textile

How does men's clothing order process works?


The production journey starts with your men’s clothing designs and patterns. We create and ship samples based on your specifications, such as fabrics, materials and prints. If you have extra requests for your samples, we are happy to recreate them until you approve the production process. Once everything is approved, the 20 days bulk production process begins. We cut the fabrics based on your patterns, sew them according to your measures and send them to quality control for individual checks. When everything is done, we package every item carefully, check for the final time and deliver to you with fastest shipment possible. 

Frequently asked questions regrading Men's Clothing Manufacturing

Q: I am in the beginning stages of setting up a business (including web site for on-line shopping). 

I will specialise in shorts for men and boys; in a variety of fabrics, nice colours and patterns. If your company has experience of men's shorts, please will you provide prices?  for shorts with elastic waist and also shorts with fitted waist band and with zip.

Would you have material made in Turkey to make into shorts ?  I also bought a small quantity of material recently - maybe I could send to you to make into shorts - mens and boys sizes.

A: As the leading menswear manufacturer in Turkey, we can easily produce short with elastic waists. The shorts to be requested can be produced with either zipper or button. You can send the sample to us either as a drawing or by mail, the rest is under our control.


Q: We are a start-up company based in the USA.  We are looking for a manufacturer partner in Turkey to help us manufacture a line of quality men's shirts.

Pease provide us with the following information if you are interested in possibly  working with us:

  • Confirmation that you have experience manufacturing menswear

  • Examples of customers you currently work with or have worked with in the past

  • Examples of menswear items you have recently produced (images will be satisfactory)

  • Estimate of lead time for delivery to USA

  • Draft cost proposal (we realize you may require additional information to complete)

A: As a company that sees start-up companies as high potential, shirt production is only one of our areas of expertise in the men's clothing manufacturing category. We are happy to present the products we have been producing for customers not only with photography but also with live video conference call.

Shirt orders are shipped within 5 weeks, as in other products. (after all production approvals have been received). We will be happy to provide a draft cost if you answer all of our questions.


Q: I am a fashion designer from the UK. I have recently opened up a fashion label and I want to specialise in high quality men’s tracksuits. I have drawings and pictures of some styles I want to emulate. Along with samples I have bought myself from other designers which I want to copy the style/fit. I have a few designs and would like a variety of colours in each design.

A: We produce high quality men's tracksuits for leading clothing brands not only in England but also in many countries of the world. The tracksuit you want us to produce may have different types of accessories or fabrics. Thanks to our high-tech molding machines, we add value to our quality workmanship in sample production or mass clothing production.


Q:  We are a startup clothing brand which is focused on apparel for men. We have the design of our logo which we want to be placed on two items:


  1. T-shirt 

  2. Sweater 


For us it is really important the material of the clothing - to be 100% eco friendly, sustainable, made of cotton


We are looking for a manufacturer so we came across your website.


We have a couple of question for you, relevant for us going forward.


  • What kind of products are you making?

  • What brands are you working with - can you give us some examples?

  • Are you working with 3rd party suppliers?

  • Can you give us price examples for prototype - for t-shirt and separate for sweater

  • Are you willing to take on lower quantities? 

  • How much do you charge for samples - piece of textile material to be able to feel it 


A: As a clothing manufacturer preferred by start-up companies, we are able to produce garments with 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable cotton (we can provide certificate of cotton if you request.)

We operate as a clothing manufacturer company of dozens of brands from many regions of the world. We would like to present our references in person or at a remote online meeting. 
In case we need it, we work with 3rd party suppliers that are under our control during the production stages. 

Please contact us for prototype pricing. 

You can call us as Men's denim manufacturer, Men's t-shirt manufacturer, Men's socks manufacturer, Men's tracksuit manufacturer, Men's jogger manufacturer, Men's hoody manufacturer, Men's shirt manufacturer, Men's jacket manufacturer, private label Men's clothing manufacturer.

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