Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Konsey Textile is one of the top quality low moq clothing manufacturers in Turkey. As a small moq clothing manufacturer, we work with numerous brands from all around the world, including brands from the United States and Europe. Our success comes from our reasonable prices, good quality products and fast delivery services for both small quantity and high quantity orders. We guarantee our customers with our ethical and certified products. 


Our priority is to create satisfaction and good quality products for our international customers. Therefore, our highly skilled experts work with our customer’s to transform their complex designs into elegant tangible clothes. We are proud to say that each step we take is transparent from the sampling process to the shipping process. Nonetheless, you are secure and top-quality production guaranteed by working with Konsey Textile. 

Why should you work with Konsey Textile as a low quantity clothing manufacturer ?

As small quantity clothing manufacturer, we work not only with big brands and high quantity orders but also with young designers and new brands. Unfortunately, we know that new brands and young designers struggle to join the fashion industry because of the lack of low quantity clothing manufacturer or high prices. Therefore, our team understand and feel the enthusiasm of young designers and support them through each production process by providing reasonable prices and good quality orders. 

We know how to decrease the cost and increase the quality of your low quantity orders

Konsey Textile is also a fabric manufacturer in Turkey in addition to being a low moq clothing manufacturer worldwide. Therefore, our fabric company and accessories suppliers have various materials for your design. As mentioned before, your brand is secure with us. So, we guarantee to provide you with the best quality and low price materials while decreasing the cost up to 40% for your brand. 

We understand your demand for the production process


Konsey Textile is a small moq clothing manufacturer in Turkey. While being one of the best clothing manufacturers in Turkey, we also give free consultation for start-ups and young designers in terms of private label manufacturing. Our consultation not only helps us to understand your desires but also speeds up the production process for both sides. We care about you, understand you and produce the best products for you.

We provide the best quality at reasonable and affordable prices


Our observations prove that Konsey Textile’s high-quality production helps customer’s to expand their sales volume and grow their success. It is important for us to support small brands and startups throughout their production journey.

We are providing the best quality in the shortest period


Most of the Low Moq Manufacturers in Turkey complete their manufacturing process between 12 to 16 weeks. However, our custom fabrics and unique materials allow us to speed up the production process for you. Therefore, our experts work hard to provide your orders between 4 to 6 weeks. 

Minimum Quantities for Different Product Type


For T shirt orders, our minimum quantity is 100 per colour

For Polo orders, our minimum quantity is 100 per colour

For Tracksuit orders, our minimum quantity is 100 per colour

For Sweatshirt orders, our minimum quantity is 100 per colour

For Boxer Short orders, our minimum quantity is 100 our colour

For Socks orders, our minimum quantity is 100 per colour

For Jean and Denim orders, our minimum quantity is 250 per design