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About Konsey Textile


Konsey Textile is a clothing manufacturer founded in 1995 by Mehmet and Unzile Inkaya. Both of our founders’ 40 years of experience in the textile industry makes Konsey Textile unique and a well-established manufacturer in Turkey


Konsey Textile’s mission is to satisfy customers by building a strong relationship and providing them with the best quality products. We care about our customers, understand their needs and make their dreams come true. We are proud to be one of the best clothing manufacturers from Turkey, as well as one of the best t shirt manufacturers and hoodie manufacturers in Europe and Asia region. 


Konsey Textile works as a custom clothing manufacturer in addition to being a private label clothing manufacturer in Turkey. While working with the best fabric and accessories suppliers, we are also proud to be a children’s clothing factory in Turkey, using the best quality organic cotton and certified fabrics for baby and children products. Our product portfolio includes both male and female clothes in addition to children and equestrian clothing. We cover every aspect of fashion including t-shirts, hoodies, denim jeans, shorts and jackets, socks, underwear and many more that you can imagine. We know that producing underwear and socks are not easy as it sounds. Therefore, we are happy to be an underwear and socks manufacturer. We also don’t forget our animal friends and work as one of the best equestrian clothing manufacturers in Turkey.


One of the best characteristics of our company is being a low moq clothing manufacturer from Turkey. We understand the struggle of startups and offer them a reasonable minimum quantity to support their brand throughout their journey. 


Konsey Textile is proud to offer the best quality products by using exceptional quality fabrics and accessories. Our expert team works hard to cover every aspect you need with the help of cutting edge sewing and pattern machinery. 


One of the main reasons for our success is our reasonable and affordable prices in addition to a fair and sustainable production process. It is important for our founders and employees to control each production step carefully. Our hardworking employees make sure that your products carefully produced and delivered to you on time with exceptional quality. 


Your brand is guaranteed with the Konsey Textile. Please contact us for more information.

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