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Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Konsey Textile is one of the best custom clothing manufacturers in Turkey.

Custom clothing means special garments produced by manufacturers according to the customer’s request. We are proud to be one of the best custom clothing manufacturers in Turkey for over 20 years. Our expert employees and founders ready to help startups and beginners to join the custom clothing process without any hesitation.

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Why should you work with Konsey Textile?

It is a common misconception amongst people that custom made garments are hard to create if you are a startup. However, we have numerous reasons to deny this misconception.


First of all, custom made clothing is an art form, and as one of the best custom clothing manufacturers, we help you to be a successful artist in the textile industry. Secondly, the production process is as easy as any other process if you work with the right manufacturer. We believe that Konsey Textile is the best option for your brand. Our priority is to make our customer happy and help them to create the best brand image they can present with their garments.


Therefore, we work really hard to understand the image in our customer’s head through meetings and discussions. Once our customers decide their direction, our expert employees make their dreams come true by using the best fabrics, prints and accessories.


One of the best advantages of Konsey Textile is our partnership with the top quality fabric and accessories suppliers in Turkey. From organic cotton to denim, we are happy to offer you the best quality fabrics in addition to an exceptional production process. 

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How does the custom clothing manufacturing process work?

To start the custom design manufacturing process, we require a digital file with your design and measurements. However, some startups find themselves struggling with the measurement process since they do not have experience with it. That is why Konsey Textile offers free consultation in order to make sure everything is perfect with your garments. 


After deciding the best fabrics, measurements and design for your garments, we create a sample of your design in order to show you our direction. Our expert employees start the cutting and sewing process by using cutting edge technology machinery if the sample is approved. If you have further requirements or different demands, we are happy to create more samples until you find the perfect design. Once we are on the same page, we start the custom clothing manufacturing process. Throughout the whole process, both the founders and experienced employees handpick each product and check for quality purposes.


We are proud to state that one of the best characteristics of our company is our detail-oriented focus on the whole production process. From socks to complicated denim products, we always make sure that your design is the best possible quality throughout its production journey. 


Lastly, we fold and package each custom-made garment carefully to prepare for the shipment. Once everything is ready, we ship the products with the best courier services to be on time for your brand. 

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We guarantee that we will make every point in the production phase as you wish.

We cannot wait to work with your unique designs and inspiring style. Please contact us for more information. 

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