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Konsey Textile is one of the top quality workwear manufacturer in Turkey. As leader work clothes producer,  we work with numerous brands from all around the world, including brands from The United States of America and Europe.


Our success in workwear production comes from our reasonable production prices, products made of high quality materials and fast delivery services for both small quantity and high quantity orders.


There are essential steps to follow to run a successful business. One of these is to create an efficient workforce while supporting employees or in other words, the core of a company.


Today, many organisations believe that having an established set of work clothes helps to increase efficiency while providing a comfortable and safe environment for employees. The workwears also help to increase companies’ visibility and professionalism while increasing teamwork and making employees feel like they are part of an organised and well-functioning team. Therefore, many corporations in today’s world invest in workwears to support employees’ comfort and safety.
In addition to this, it is essential to acknowledge that the production of work clothes differs depending on the demand of an organisation. Some organisations prefer to create a set of work clothes that are casual and comfortable. Yet, businesses that function in the construction industry or any other heavy industry, with higher risks, must ensure that the workwears are safe and durable for the use of employees. Therefore, these clothes must be produced with extra durable materials to prevent work-related accidents.


As leader workwear manufacturer in Turkey, all these materials go through strict processes to analyse their durability, safety, and comfort. While the preference for material and style of work uniform differs from one organisation to another, there is one common demand from almost every organisation, and it is the showcase of the company logo on the workwears. Regardless of your preference, Konsey Textile is well organized workwear producer in Turkey and it makes sure that the work clothes we produce will increase your company’s visibility with high-quality logo design and durable materials. It is also important to acknowledge that work clothes must reflect the company spirit while supporting employees of different sexes and sizes throughout four seasons. Therefore, depending on your preference, Konsey Textile is ready to produce multiple sizes and designs, including winter and summer work clothes, for organisations in order to support the workforce.


One big misconception about workwears is that they can only be produced with dark colours and with a simple design. As working uniform supplier in Turkey, we work hard to break this judgement. As mentioned earlier, "the work clothes must reflect a company’s purpose and spirit while boosting teamwork and efficiency". Therefore, in today’s business world, many organisations prefer lighter colours over darker ones and work hard to support the employees by creating suitable and comfortable work clothes.


The type of workears differs depending on the industry and company preferences. While there are set measurements and demands from certain industries to make the process fast and efficient, there are still many organisations that demand unique designs for their employees.Therefore, at Konsey Textile, we are proud to support unique designs for the work clothes we are producing.


It is clear to say that among the different types of work clothes we produce, aprons and overalls have the highest demand. However, workwears can be in different forms and from different materials. While work clothes can be one piece like overalls, they can also be in a two-piece form such as t-shirt and work trousers. Yet, the most essential part of workwears is their safe, comfortable, and durable materials. When all these components are guaranteed with work clothes, the efficiency of a workforce becomes visible. Especially in industries that
require physical power, workwears become handier and more effective.
In addition to seasonal work clothes, as work clothes manufacturer in TurkeyKonsey Textile also provides fire-resistant, reflective, and thermal workweears to support employees and organisations. All types of work clothes can also be provided with a company logo either embroidered or printed.


As one of the most prestigious work clothing manufacturers in Turkey, Konsey Textile workscarefully at every step to provide high-quality workwears for organisations.


Some of the Konsey Textile work clothing portfolio is as follows:

  • Work jackets

  • Work vests

  • Work trousers

  • Work T-shirts

  • Aprons

  • Overalls

  • Polar vests

  • Long sleeve sweatshirts

  • Raincoats

  • Medical work clothes

  • Corporate workwears

  • Hi Vis Vests

  • Scarves

  • Hats


One of the biggest advantages of work clothes is their durable and comfortable design for workers. It is also believed that creating different designs for different seasons and work environments are also considered to be an important advantage among many others.


It is important to acknowledge that a strong and efficient workforce comes from employee satisfaction. Therefore, workwears must be adaptable for different seasons to either keep the workers warm during cold winters or keep them cool during hot summers. At Konsey Textile, we are proud to offer different types of work clothes for different industries, sexes and sizes made from safe, durable, and fashionable materials. Nevertheless, we also work hard to break the prejudices against typical workwears while producing fashionable and comfortable pieces with the purpose of durability and safety.


While producing safe and durable work clothes, we also acknowledge and respect the workers who work in heavy industries and who need extra safe materials for their workwears. Therefore, at Konsey Textile, we offer fire-resistant, reflective, and thermal work clothes to decrease any potential risks to a minimum for workers.

Other advantages of workwears are as follows:


  • Carefully selected and designed workwears would increase workers’ movement and efficiency.

  • Stitches of work clothes would have higher resistance to any potential damage.

  • Workwears would increase the safety of workers and prioritise their hygiene.

  • Workwears would be more durable for regular washing.

  • Workwears can be produced from different materials for different industries.

  • Workwears would indicate order and professionalism in a work environment.

  • Workwears would provide a safe and comfortable work environment.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that work clothes are one of the essential elements to keep the workforce in order. Therefore, there are important criteria to follow in order to select the correct types of workwears for your organisation. Firstly, the correct type of work clothes must be selected for the correct work environments, seasons, and different sizes of workers.


While set measurements can be provided, tailor measurements must be considered for workers who work in heavy industries and risky environments. In addition, Konsey Textile recommends bigger sizes if the workwears are produced to wear on top of the casual clothes of the workers.


Secondly, the colour selection of the work clothes must reflect the company spirit and purpose while keeping the environmental factors in mind. Workers who work night shifts and in heavy industries must avoid dark colours and when it is necessary should wear reflective materials. Therefore, being aware of all these factors, Konsey Textile is happy to help you to select the correct type of workwear for your organisation.


It is hard to offer set pricing for workwear due to the variety of materials, designs, and order numbers. Many work clothes manufacturers only accept orders with high numbers.However, Konsey Textile is happy to provide fewer numbers to offer safety to workers from all around the world. In addition to this, other services like prints, embroideries, custom make clothes, and tailor measurements would affect the pricing.


Therefore, at Konsey Textile, we provide pricing after a carefully conducted meeting with our customers. Yet, we guarantee top quality and affordable workwear for your organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Safety is the most important element when it comes to workwear. Therefore, it is essential to order extra safe workwear with fire-resistant and reflective materials for organisations in heavy industries with higher risks.


If your industry requires high safety measurements for workwear, Konsey Textile recommends you reach out to a safety officer to get more information about industry requirements. While considering all these elements, you also have to assign an accurate budget for high-quality and durable workwears. It is important to note that when it comes to workwear, quality is more important than quantity. Based on the insights gathered from our previous customers, manufacturers with low prices provide less durable and hazardous workwear. Therefore, as one of the most prestigious work clothing manufacturers in Turkey, Konsey Textile is here to help you with affordable and high-quality work clothes.


As mentioned earlier, safety is one of the biggest elements when it comes to workwear, followed by durability and design. If your organisation requires Hi Vis Vests or work overalls, Konsey Textile suggests bright colours and reflective materials in order to increase the safety of workers. In addition to this, different industries have certain images and purposes in the minds of the stakeholders.


One big example of this is the medical industry where blue, green, and white represent hygiene, cleanness and order. However, the usage of these bright colours would be wrong in heavy industry due to environmental factors. Additional safety measurements such as fire-resistant workwears are also required for
industries that have contact with fire and liquid metals. Furthermore, workers who work in an open environment must also be provided with suitable workwears such as raincoats, work jackets, and thermal work clothes. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of a work clothing manufacturer, you must ensure that the manufacturer is ready to provide you with high-quality, safe, and durable workwears according to your exact demands and needs. At Konsey Textile, we are proud to provide safe, durable, and stylish work clothes based on your exact needs and demands.


Every organisation has different needs and wants when it comes to work wears. One common demand amongst our customers is custom-made work clothes with employee names, titles and details printed on the work clothes. It is believed that work clothes with printed details increase the communication between customers and workers. In addition to this, workwears with printed company logos and slogans are common requests amongst our customers.


Nevertheless, it is proven that all these components help an organisation to increase professionalism and visibility in the long run. At Konsey Textile, we are happy to produce high-quality and affordable work overalls, work jackets, work trousers, scarves, hats, and aprons with your company logo and slogans. For your print requirements, we are also ready to provide you with different print options, prices, and materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to select the correct type of workwears for your industry needs. For example, a food industry company must ensure that work clothes should not hold dirt and stains easily and should be suitable for heavy and regular washing.


Therefore, they must select a durable material that is resistant to regular washing and staining. Based on these requirements, many food industry companies prefer working with a special type of fabric, gabardine, for their workwears. For hospitality industries, alpaca is usually the preferred fabric for work trousers due to its easy and fast ironing and luxurious look. Furthermore, when it comes to heavy industries, companies must select the most durable and safe fabrics for work clothes. In addition to this, due to the heavy environment of work, work clothes must be light, comfortable, and safe for these industries. Therefore, the quality of work clothes must be determined based on all these aspects. However, it is important to note that safety and durability do not mean that work clothes must be boring. That is why, Konsey Textile is here to help you with your design process in order to create the most stylish, safe and durable workwears for your employees.


Every industry has different requirements when it comes to workwear and safety.
Therefore, it is essential to do industry research prior to ordering workwear for your organisation. Based on your research, your demands and needs will lead you to pick the best manufacturer for your work clothes. However, before anything, you must ensure that safety and durability are the two of the most essential components that are covered by your manufacturer. As an established workwear manufacturer in Turkey, Konsey Textile can be honest with you.


High-quality work clothes do not mean extreme costs and damage in your budget. It is possible to order affordable high-quality workwear with unique designs.


The most vital step in your selection is to conduct well-analysed research. After that, you must list your demands while keeping safety on top of the list. It is important to keep in mind that the safety of workers is the responsibility of employers.


Therefore, employers must ensure the comfort and safety of workers to promote efficiency and teamwork. If safety and comfort are not provided through workwear, efficiency and production time are more likely to decrease. In addition to this, if safety is disregarded it might cause both moral and legal problems for your organisation. Therefore, with an understanding of the industry needs for workwears,


Konsey Textile is ready to provide you with high-quality, safe, durable, and stylish workwear at affordable prices.

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