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GOTS Certified Baby Clothing Manufacturer

Konsey Textile is a baby clothing manufacturer using organic GOT certified and OEKO-TEX certified cotton in its products. Our company works with numerous well-known baby clothing brands from all around the world in addition to new start-ups for over 20 years. ​

Our experts have years of experience in baby clothing production. Therefore, we guarantee our customers to provide the best quality baby products as well as consistent transparency throughout the production process.

In terms of transparency, Konsey Textile is proud of where it stands. We understand our customers’ demands and their desire to follow each production process. Nonetheless, our Customer Relations work hard to provide every detail transparently for our customers. Our team also provides consultancy for start-ups from the sampling process to the delivery process. In this way, we make sure new entrepreneurs in the fashion industry are in good hands by working with Konsey Textile. 

Konsey Textile uses certified materials


While the world is changing, our customer’s priorities are changing as well. Nowadays, the textile industry approached a new age of production by using “organic” materials. As mentioned earlier, the most known and globally accepted certificates are organic cotton GOTS and OEKO-TEX. Nevertheless, Konsey Textile is proud to use both organic cotton GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified materials in their baby clothing manufacturing process. Most of the brands we work with are already requesting non-toxic and organic fabrics for their baby clothing. Therefore, it is important for us to offer certified materials for our customers.


Konsey Textile is a GOTS Certified baby clothing manufacturer from Turkey

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a globally accepted standard designed by big textile authorities from all around the world. It aims to make sure for both brands and customers to use ethical and environmental materials.


Konsey Textile has the privilege to provide GOTS certified materials for its customers. So, if you want to work with the best quality organic cotton baby clothing manufacturer, Konsey Textile is here, waiting to provide you with what you desire. 


Konsey Textile is an OEKO-TEX Certified baby clothing supplier from Turkey


The human skin is sensitive and easy to irritated by dangerous chemicals. This is specifically a huge problem for baby clothing due to the dangerous chemicals in fabrics. Therefore, brands have to be sure to use organic and healthy materials in their baby clothing production process. This is where OEKO-TEX comes into action. OEKO-TEX certificate provides both customers and brand with non-toxic and chemical-free fabrics. 


Konsey Textile produces OEKO-TEX organic cotton products in addition to GOTS certified ones. Nevertheless, while being the best private label baby clothing manufacturer in Turkey, we also create custom made baby clothes. Feel free to contact us regarding any type of baby clothing design.


As one of the top baby clothing manufacturer in Turkey, you can find Konsey Textile’s product portfolio below:

  • Organic Cotton Baby Dresses manufacturing

  • Organic Cotton Baby Tops and Organic Cotton Bottoms manufacturing

  • Organic Cotton Baby Rompers and Organic Cotton Playsuits manufacturing

  • Organic Cotton Baby Bibs manufacturing

  • Baby Towels and Blankets manufacturing

  • Organic Baby Outwear manufacturing

  • Organic baby sleepwear supplier

  • Organic baby vests supplier

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