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Children’s Clothing Manufacturer 

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We have divided our Children's Clothing Manufacturing Service content into 3 subheadings.

You can access to the content by clicking  on these titles​;

  1. Konsey Textile is a children's clothing manufacturer in Turkey
  2. Children's clothing manufacturing services that Konsey Textile provides
  3. Frequently asked questions regarding our Kid's Clothing Manufacturing service

Konsey Textile is Children's Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey

We proudly state that our company is one of the top-quality children clothing manufacturers in Turkey. From our organic cotton fabrics to the best quality accessories, each material is uniquely picked by our experts and combined by our tailors depending on your desire and style.  


Our manufacturing company has a name around the world due to our best services and high-quality products. Our success comes from the ability to understand our customer’s demand. Moreover, we know that most of the customers demand the best quality children’s clothing while paying low affordable prices. Therefore, our ability to make empathy with our customers brings Konsey Textile to one of the top positions in the manufacturing race.  


We are here not only to provide our customers with unique and high-class children’s clothing but also to build a trustworthy relationship with them. The quality of our clothes is proof that we are reliable and authentic. Besides our top quality products, our Customer Relations has strong enthusiasm and empathy in terms of working with new customers from all around the world. 


Children are the future of our world. Therefore, we give priority to making the best Kid's clothes for them. We use the best and highly skilled sewing machines and the best organic cotton fabrics which are free from all the chemicals. Our designs are the reflection of the top fashion which will give children a boost of confidence.


Konsey Textile has also a wide range of product portfolio in terms of children’s clothing. We produce and manufacture clothes for every occasion whether outdoor or indoor, day or night, children’s party wear or casual. Our expert tailors create the best patterns in all sizes whether large or small for both boys and girls depending upon your desire.


As one of the best children's clothing manufacturer in Turkey, our mission is to serve you with the best of all. So, we follow the trust rule where we provide our customers  100% pure cotton, the best high skill sewing techniques and designs that they will love. Every process of our production and manufacturing process of children's clothes are strictly inspected and controlled by experts to ensure its reliability and ethical standards. In addition to our ethical standards, all of our clothes are produced by 100% certified materials. Not only our company but also our material suppliers are working day and night to meet your needs and standards. 


As one of the best kid's clothing manufacturers in Turkey, we are proud of our organic cotton clothes and work with different brands from all around the world. The story of our success comes from our eco-friendly, sustainable, comfortable, stylish and pure organic clothes. Our success also allows us to create new connections with people and companies from different countries and expand our product portfolio. Therefore, we are proudly here to offer you the best quality products and relationship. 


Moreover, our organic clothes have the guarantee of remaining soft like the very first day after countless wash. We also do not use low impact dyes which will harm the colour of your clothes. Consequently, our customers do not worry about the faded colours or prints. We offer them the best quality children’s clothing.


One of our best processes is fast production and manufacturing. We guarantee that there will not be any delays in terms of your children’s clothes. Our manufacturing team strictly control every delivery process and work with the best delivery companies. We are also a transparent children’s clothing manufacturer and supplier about every process. Therefore, you can track and be informed about each process without any struggle.

Children's clothing manufacturing services that Konsey Textile provides


  • We export our clothes to all around the world depending upon your design. 

  • We provide you with the best pure organic cotton children’s clothes with the best quality along with the latest styles. 

  • We stand as an independent strong manufacturer in turkey, providing you with our fastest supplying services with no time delays. 

  • We also manufacture high-quality clothing for top strong world companies.

  • We provide our clothes in a short period at a very reasonable price and with no delays. 

  • We give you low affordable prices which can beat all other prices of other Turkey manufacturers and European countries.

  • All of our materials and fabrics are 100% certified.

  • Our brand has a name around the world which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

  • We also provide private label children’s clothing at affordable prices

Frequently asked questions regrading Kid's Clothing Manufacturing


Q: I am starting my own brand in children clothing, as was wondering if you also make custom clothing with my own design.Also, i wonder if you assistance in choosing the fabric and embroidery.

A: As the best children's clothing factory in Turkey, we guarantee that we will produce your designs with care to the finest detail. In addition, thanks to our in-house fabric production center, you can choose the type of fabric you want as well as have the chance to produce fast.

Q: I'm a small children's brand, currently making my own products but I want to expand and I'm looking for a clothing manufacturer to help with this.I'm looking for a company who can help with sourcing printed jersery fabric (and more) and turning it into products such as leggings, romper, Sleepsuits, waterproof suits etc.What are your minimum order quantities and approximate cost per item for a pair of leggings for example?

A: As we mentioned in the article above, Konsey Textile is always doing its best for the growth of new apparel brands. As the best children's clothing manufacturing factory in Turkey, we have expert staff who can prepare products such as children's tights, overalls, sleeping bag sets etc very quickly.

Q: We’re searching for a manufacturer in knitwear who provides good quality.

Do you produce knitwear clothes for children ?

A: Yes, we are. Knitwear production may require various stages. In order to give more detailed information, we need to see the product to be produced or the design drawing. Children's knitwear are produced through our business partners.

We provide consultancy and quality monitoring during the production phase. 100%

Q: We are UK based children’s clothing company who design, make and package colour in clothing and accessories for kids. 

We currently source our garments from the UK but are keen to look at options overseas. All of our garments are blank as we sublimate them in our warehouse.

The main garments that we are looking to source are long sleeve tops, pyjamas bottoms and capes. The tops come in 5 sizes and the bottoms come in 4 sizes and the fibre composition of these is 95% polyester 5% Elastane. The cape comes in one size and the fibre composition is 65% polyester 35% viscose. 

It would be good to get a rough estimate of pricing, lead-times and moq’s to make sure its worth while for both of us. We’re very keen to find a new supplier so would be looking to place orders fairly quickly

A: First of all, we would like to state that many of the children's clothing brands we manufacture are located in England. England provides 65% of our production turnover. We can produce all desired children's clothing products without printing, labels or any accessories.We can divide the models that meet the minimum production quantity into sizes as desired.In order to provide Moq information, we need to see the sample or the design document containing the information.Order delivery is made within 5 weeks after the production confirmation is received.

Q: I am a Uk based designer who has recently branched out to children's wear. I am in need of having children's knitted jumpers/ cardigan's manufactured in different ages. The yarn would need to be 100% organic. Is that something you can do ?

A: Children's sweaters and cardigans are produced through our business partners.

We provide consultancy and quality monitoring during the production phase. 100% organic yarn is up to you. We have the ability to produce the way you want.

Konsey Textile is Children's Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey
Children's clothing manufacturing services that Konsey Textile provides
Frequently asked questions regrading Kid's Clothing Manufacturing
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